The goal of this project was to clean up and speed up janjajovanovic.com

Upon the assessment, I found that there are 3 Big issues: Content size, the number of HTML requests, and server-side cache.

Then it was time to dig in: 

  • Optimized all 583 photos and resized them to fit 
  • Minified and combined all CSS/JS.
  • Leveraged server and browser-side cache.
  • Updated PHP to 7.4 and all the plugins. Uninstalled inactive plugins.
  • Proxied the website through Cloudflare adding it to their CDN and securing it against DDOS attacks. Resulting in a faster and more secure website.

Janja is an amazing marketing specialist, educator, and consultant. With more than 7 years of experience in these fields. I recommend that you check out her website and see for yourself. 

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