Web design trends 2020: Focus on user experience

What are the 2020 web design trends? Every self-respecting web designer must know how to look to the future to improve their work and respond to the needs of potential customers.

Trends in the world of online graphics are changing fast. They become more and more refined and performing by focusing on user experience. The websites of the future stimulate interaction and emotions, moving away from the static concept of showcase reality.

How about checking out the latest website trends?


Among the 2020 web design trends is that of transforming the home page into an animated movie. The goal is to create more engagement and increase conversions. According to research by “ The State of Video Marketing 2019,” 68% of visitors prefer to watch videos rather than read.

The clips excite and give vitality to the online project. Without forgetting that they are perfect for telling the message that the brand wants to send to the public in a few moments. Check out the example of a Yacht Company that used a video in the background for its home page. vid-ran.com


The imaginative – almost abstract – images are part of the 2020 web design trends. I’m talking about customized illustrations, drawn and designed only for the brand. In fact, it is known that a visitor decides whether to stay on a website or leave in just 10 seconds.

Do you know what holds a user inside your website for them to read your message? The answer is not just well-written content but a well-designed web page in its entirety.

Adding a minimum of creativity and personalized images, created specifically for the brand, is very likely to attract visitors and keep them on the site. Content with a captivating visual impact remains in the minds of users and for this reason, a 2020 home page can only be structured in this way.

At this point, I know what you are thinking: ” A visual that is too imaginative risks not communicating, perhaps it is better not to evaluate this option to create the website “. There is no danger if the web designer makes clear the commercial purpose of the image. Take a look at the MailChimp home.


Among the 2020 web design trends, there are micro animations that allow websites to interactive user experience and are able to communicate with users with a touch of sympathy.

The most interesting solutions are those used by clothing e-commerce that show combinations on people who move .

Micro animations of this type create identification, guide the choice, encourage you to buy and highlight the quality of the product. Or you can use them to explain complex concepts in a simple way and to cheat page load times.

For example, instead of the classic wheel that turns on itself you can replace it with a moving image. But there are other alternatives as well, like animations with mouse rollover effects and those that warn you when a wrong action is taken.

Micro animations offer emotional validation and feedback to visitors – transforming a simple action into an experience to remember. But be careful not to overdo it so as not to burden the site.

Do you want to create animations to insert in strategic points of the website? Leverage BodyMovin.



Among the novelties of the 2020 web design is the use of a minimal and colorful design. Of course, this choice implies a wise use of white space and the removal of unnecessary elements from the visual hierarchy.

The “ Less is more ” formula , as you can see, is always valid but more color is added. Soft colors and clear texts are preferred.

Look at the example of Shopify which, among the 2020 web design trends, has decided to embrace the one I have just described to you.


Grids and lines were already in use in 2019 and this year they have had a consolidation. Why do they like them so much? They create order, symmetry, and guide the eye by creating a focus of attention on the strategic points of the pages.

These visuals work well with gradients, bold fonts, and geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and squares.

The home of the Future London Academy is a manifesto of this 2020 web design trend.


Among the 2020 web design trends to keep an eye on is the use of augmented reality, especially in the e-commerce sector. This technology is used to make products try before purchase.

I’m talking about jewelry, shoes, glasses, make-up. But the Ikea Place app has gone further, to ensure a safe and uncertain purchase.

This tool allows you to frame your room via your smartphone and understand if, for example, an armchair would look good in a certain space of your living room.


In this article, I have shown you the main trends in web design 2020. There are already established practices and news that point to the immersive website experience.

What is your opinion on the web design trends 2020? Where is web design going?

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