2020 Behavior

back to all 2020 Behavior is a company that does BCBA treatments and child care for kids with autism in over 20 locations in the United States. The website features an interactive map of all centers, a video hero section, advanced contact form. Interactive about page. We integrated all submissions with maichimp. Check it out […]

WED Movement

back to all This was a last-minute project collaborating with Aspect Works for the World Early Development BWG Outputs where some world leaders gathered to discuss the future of early childhood development and share ideas. We had 10 days to finish the whole website. The entire team stepped in and we nailed it! 12h shifts […]

Phuket Paragliding

back to all For Phuket Paragliding our job was straightforward. We designed the one-page website for the business containing: Video Paralax background Trip advisor reviews  Instagram feed Image slider Toggle faq Contact form  The second part of the work was Seo optimization and we were super happy with the results: 2k clicks and 109k impressions.

ECA Achievements

back to all One-page web app showcasing all the achievements that ECA has achieved across 3 islands and 7 areas in total. Fun and visual interactive web app. With plenty of animations. It took 6 months of work from the whole team to achieve this masterpiece. I am very proud of the end result. If […]


back to all I’m proud to present  Smart Tips as a year-long project that we took from an idea to the launch on Google Play and Appstore. Here is the list of things we did on the project: High-level concept Story mapping UI/UX design Prototyping Software architecture Admin panel development Android and IOS development QA […]

Life During Covid 19

back to all This project was both fun and challenging. In collaboration with Aspect works, we developed this piece of art. The goal was to turn dry research into an interactive experience. The website features countless animations, questionnaires, and charts. Check it out for yourself. Life During Covid 19.


The “pre-web development” checklist covers the most important things you need before the start of your web development project. Select the items in the “Pre Development checklist” that you have completed and I will help you with the rest. Fill out the form and get a FREE consultation and download the checklist so you can […]

How to increase WordPress website loading speed for free?

Technologies are evolving. Websites are using technically complex platforms, themes, and plugins – this pretty much slows down the loading of the resource. Therefore, a crucial part of the development of the project is its optimization and increasing page loading speed. WHY IS SPEED IMPORTANT? Stable user access to content, a quick search for information, […]


back to all Beamtech is the company that brought the Block and Beam flooring technology to Thailand. So as the pioneers of this kind of work I needed to build a website that is stunning and to develop the marketing strategy to educate the market. So this beauty came about. In Both Thai and English, […]


back to all Kite Zone was a fun project. The biggest Kiteboarding school and the biggest distributor for Ozone and Crazyfly kites and boards in Thailand. Located on the beautiful island of Phuket needed a new website. And we delivered a fun and interactive website with an online store for their products. The website is running […]